James 3; Tongue Tied & God’s Wisdom

February 4, 2012

True Worship of God James Chapter 3

Two Big Ideas:  Tongue Tied & God’s Wisdom

I. True Worship Controls the Tongue. V. 1-12.

3:1.  teachers judged more critically but that is no excuse to do nothing.

*You may not be a firearms safety instructor but you better know how to shoot.

Men: Teach yourself & your family. Women: Help you men teach you and your kids. Singles Teach Yourselves & Go Get A Disciple.

Control Your Tongue.  James 3:2-5.

The tongue exposes the true condition of our soul.

The Tongue is Baaaad!     James 3:6-8

A Forked Tongue:  James 3:9-12.

II. True Worship Displays Heavenly Wisdom  V. 13-18

Wisdom is revealed by a good life, good deeds & humility.

Fallen Wisdom VS God’s Wisdom

Fallen Wisdom: Bitter envy, selfish ambition, earthly, unspiritual, demonic.

Fruit: Disorder & Every Evil Practice James 3:13-16, James 4:1.

God’s Wisdom: Pure, Peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy, Good Fruit, impartial & Sincere.

Luke 6:45, Pas 51:6, Hbr 4:12-13.

What are your plans to increase your Bible Study?

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