Old Testament Prophets I

Old Testament Prophets I

August 18, 2012

OT Prophets & NT Prophets

Prophet: Hebrew word nibba means “to summon, announce & call

4 themes of a prophets message:

1. instruction of the great truths about God and man;

2. warning and appeal to those living in sin;

3. comfort and exhortation to those trusting and obeying God; and

4. prediction of events to come.

The Oral and Writing Prophets

17 books of the Writing Prophets.

5 Major prophets,  12 Minor Prophets.

Check out 2 Kings Chapter 1.

NT Comparison:

Jesus & the Apostles. US!   We are all called.

The Spiritual Gifts:  1 Cor. 12.

I am not convinced they have ceased.

3 Examples of what modern prophets look like.

#1.  Stop reading horoscopes & prosperity preachers, they are evil.

#2. The “God” particle & The Fool.

The following video was played during the sermon to demonstrate the foolishness of those who reject God.

#3. Live for Jesus or die.

1 John 3;  How We Know

1 John 3; How We Know

August 11, 2012

Eschatological Hope: Motivation for Holy Living in the Present (2.28–3.10)

Hope Produces Holiness (2.28–3.3)

**”This Hope”:  How do we really know what is after death?

God told you.  Believe It! Trust What God Told You.

Love the Father has lavished to be Children of God. Jhn 1:12-13

2. Trust in God & Christ.  A bigger, better place.  Jhn 14:1-3

3. A Hundred Times as Much.  Mar. 10:29-31

4. God does not owe us anything but judgment.  Romans 11:35-36

A Proleptic View of Sanctification (3.4-10)

Justification:  It’s a legal declaration.  Romans 8:29-30

Sanctification: Romans 8:13-16,  Phil 1:6

Love as Basis for Assurance: Definition and Discernment (3.11-24)

Definition (3.11-17)

Negatively Stated: The Example of Cain (3.11-15)

Sin Lists?  Oh Yes!   The Ten commandments.  Exd 20:1-17

Galatians 5:19-21, Romans 1:28-32, Romans 3:13-181 , Corinthians 6:9-11

“””HOW WE KNOW””” Assurance  4xs!

Positively Stated: The Example of Christ (3.16-17)

Discernment: The Witness of the Spirit (3.18-24)

The Condemnation by our Hearts (3.18-20)

The Confidence we can have before God (3.21-24)

Trust & Obey!

1 John 2;  In Christ

1 John 2; In Christ

August 4, 2012

The Gospel:  John 1-2.

1. Propitiation:  God is Appeased!   Your Sinful Nature is atoned!

2. Whole world?  Yes!  Whoever . . . .   John 3:18,  John 3;36.

Root = Fruit.   Obey God’s Commands  2:3-11.

We know that we have come to know Him,  IF we obey His commands.

Light loves, darkness hates.

Root = Fruit;   Acts as mirror for self-evalutation. To Obey God, He gets Glory.

Works = Salvation:  false hope, Christ is not enough, Denial of Propitiation.

Growth in Christ:   12-14.

Children: Saved

Young Men: Heroes

Fathers: Generals

Don’t Love The World,  Obey God.  15-17.

False Teachers:  Wow is this one timely!    18-27.

False teachers abandon the truth.  18-19.

False Jesuses are anti-christs.

Mormon Jesus, Prosperity Jesus, Patriotic Jesus,

“Keep sinning, Jesus still loves you; Jesus.   *Wrong*

Denial of Jesus of the Bible 20-23.  If you redefine Jesus you deny Jesus.

The Holy Spirit will point to the Jesus of the Bible.  20,  John 16:13-14,

Jesus Is God!    John 14:6-10,   John 14:11

More about The Holy Spirit:   24-27.   Hang tight to Jesus Christ!

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