Old Testament Prophets I

August 18, 2012

OT Prophets & NT Prophets

Prophet: Hebrew word nibba means “to summon, announce & call

4 themes of a prophets message:

1. instruction of the great truths about God and man;

2. warning and appeal to those living in sin;

3. comfort and exhortation to those trusting and obeying God; and

4. prediction of events to come.

The Oral and Writing Prophets

17 books of the Writing Prophets.

5 Major prophets,  12 Minor Prophets.

Check out 2 Kings Chapter 1.

NT Comparison:

Jesus & the Apostles. US!   We are all called.

The Spiritual Gifts:  1 Cor. 12.

I am not convinced they have ceased.

3 Examples of what modern prophets look like.

#1.  Stop reading horoscopes & prosperity preachers, they are evil.

#2. The “God” particle & The Fool.

The following video was played during the sermon to demonstrate the foolishness of those who reject God.

#3. Live for Jesus or die.

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