God Said; One True Source

God Said; One True Source

May 27, 2013

If the Bible is the One True Source, what would be the evidence?

1. The One True Source

2. What that source says.  The message of the source.

Claim it’s the one True Source.

1. Similar, yet corrupted stories all over the world  Why corrupted?, because what the One True Source claims about humanity.

2.  Archeological Evidence

3. Scientific Evidence

The Bible Claims,

1. Claim it’s the one True Source.

2. Preserved for us.  Evidence of Historicity

3. Unique Message: God is Holy, Humans are Evil.

We would be looking for Universal antagonism towards the Gospel. Logo

God Said II

God Said

God Said

May 18, 2013

“God Said” 9 times. In Gen. 1

Information:  more to the term “God Said”

The source of ALL information:

Information Systems

Pseudo Dichotomy:   Super natural VS natural,  religion vs science

God Said,   Miracles, John 12:28-30,   Revelation: 2 Peter 1:20-21

Evolution must believe the un-scientific impossibility :

Nothing  Times Nobody = Everything.

Pesky Laws:    Math, physics, Biogenesis, Morality.

Not  just matter & energy;,  INFORMATION.

Don’t assume the complexity and necessity of how information is used.

A stick being rained on will not evolve into an umbrella.

Von Neumann Machine:  Self-sustaining, Self-repairing, Self-reproducing.   The organic cell.

Law of cause and effect.  Infinite Regression?

People reject God.  Romans 1:18-20,

God made it and sustains it.  John 1:1-14, Col. 1:15-17.

Do you love God’s Information?  Psalms 119: 12-17

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God Said

Judges 20-21, Grand Finale

Judges 20-21, Grand Finale

May 11, 2013

Recap;  Judges 19-20.

Benjamin unites against Israel. . Civil War! Jdg 20:14 –17

Inquires of God? Jdg 20:18

Israel Loses Badly. Jdg 20:19 -22

Inquired of God again. Jdg 20:23

Israel Loses badly again and pleads before God. Jdg 20:24 –26

They inquire of God again. Jdg 20:27 –28

A Little about Phinehas: Num 25:1-13

New Battle Plan Jdg 20:29 -34

The LORD is given credit for beating Benjamin. Jdg 20:35

Benjamin defeated & Gibeah destroyed;  Here is how it was done. Jdg 20:36 –41

Benjamin Flees in two main directions. Jdg 20:42-46

600 survivors escape to the Rock of Rimmon. Jdg 20:47

All of the tribe of Benjamin wiped out. Jdg 20:48

Remorse for the loss of a the tribe of Benjamin Jdg 21:1 –7

The remnant of Benjamin needs wives.  But where can we find some women? Jdg 21:8 –12

Women as a peace offering to Benjamin. Jdg 21:13 –15

Do the math, there are still 200 wives short for Benjamin.  What shall we do? Jdg 21:16 –18

Let the women be kidnapped, that way we can say, “We never “gave” women to Benjamin.” Jdg 21:19 –22

And they lived happily ever after. Jdg 21:23 –23

What was that all about?  God tells us. Jdg 21:25

Our Response:   Serve Jesus!  How?  Make Disciples. How?

Here is the plan. . . . . . YOU

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Judges 20 and 21 The Grand Fi...

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