Judges 20-21, Grand Finale

May 11, 2013

Recap;  Judges 19-20.

Benjamin unites against Israel. . Civil War! Jdg 20:14 –17

Inquires of God? Jdg 20:18

Israel Loses Badly. Jdg 20:19 -22

Inquired of God again. Jdg 20:23

Israel Loses badly again and pleads before God. Jdg 20:24 –26

They inquire of God again. Jdg 20:27 –28

A Little about Phinehas: Num 25:1-13

New Battle Plan Jdg 20:29 -34

The LORD is given credit for beating Benjamin. Jdg 20:35

Benjamin defeated & Gibeah destroyed;  Here is how it was done. Jdg 20:36 –41

Benjamin Flees in two main directions. Jdg 20:42-46

600 survivors escape to the Rock of Rimmon. Jdg 20:47

All of the tribe of Benjamin wiped out. Jdg 20:48

Remorse for the loss of a the tribe of Benjamin Jdg 21:1 –7

The remnant of Benjamin needs wives.  But where can we find some women? Jdg 21:8 –12

Women as a peace offering to Benjamin. Jdg 21:13 –15

Do the math, there are still 200 wives short for Benjamin.  What shall we do? Jdg 21:16 –18

Let the women be kidnapped, that way we can say, “We never “gave” women to Benjamin.” Jdg 21:19 –22

And they lived happily ever after. Jdg 21:23 –23

What was that all about?  God tells us. Jdg 21:25

Our Response:   Serve Jesus!  How?  Make Disciples. How?

Here is the plan. . . . . . YOU

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Judges 20 and 21 The Grand Fi...

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