1 Corinthians; Chapter 2

June 22, 2013

Overview: Paul writing to the Corinthians.
Orthodoxy leads to Orthopraxy.

Division in the church. Cliques !

Nothing but Jesus Christ and Him Crucified 1Cr 2:1 –5
Secret Wisdom 1 Cr. 2:6-9
“what God has prepared for those who love him” 2:9

Why it’s a Secret. 2:10-13
Folly to those who are perishing. 2:14
What ever happened to “don’t judge?” 2:15-16

The Big Idea: Missional Church
1. Preacher Coaches Christians in Church
2. Christians Go Make Disciples in Community.
3. Disciples Join Fellowship (Church) And on and on it goes.

Instead of bringing the community into church.
Bring Christ into the community.

Sword Drill! Thrice & Dice!
Your opinion doesn’t matter
My opinion doesn’t matter
What does God say? 

1 Cor. Chapter 2

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