1 Corinthians. Chapter 6; More Church Issues

August 24, 2013

More Church Issues!? I thought you were a Christian?!

Law Suits; Christian to Christian. Bad 1 Corinthian 6:1-6
Why not suffer wrong? 7-8.
Why not suffer wrong? Cause we think God Owes Us. 
What Does God Owe Us? Romans 3:19-20, 
Why? 3:23, 
God does not Owe us Grace & Mercy. Romans 5;20-21. 

Look! The Gospel Again. Bad News & Good News!
Bad News: 1 Cr. 6:9-10
Good News: 1 Cr. 6:11-

All Things are Lawful? v12. 
Freedom to be what you are meant to be. 

Human Desires that are not sinful. 
Meant for Christ! 6:13-17

A Sin against your own body. 18. 

You were bought with Blood and not yours. 19-20. Rom 5:8-9

Celebrate Communion!  

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