1 Corinthians. Chapter 7; A Christ-Centered Life Where You Are

August 31, 2013


You belong to your Spouse. 7:1-5

More on marriage in Ephesians 5

A Plea fro Wisdom 7:6-7.

Paul was single. 7:8-9, 9:5.

Stay Where you Are. 7:10-15

The Goal is Evangelism: 7:16

God has you there, Trust Him. 7:17-24

Singles have options: 7:25. 

Betrothed is different than engagement. Matt 1:18-25.

Not a sin issue, but a Focus issue. 7: 26-28. 

Not matter your circumstances, Christ First! 7:36-40.

Jesus mentions that to be single is a great service if you are able. Matt 19:10-12

By priority, Christ First! Logoshow?id=zndij68PLms&bids=183219.10000005

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