1 Corinthians; Chapter 8, Fellowship 102

September 7, 2013

Freedom = Personal Responsibility
You are responsible for the other Christians in this church.

Food offered to idols. 8:1-2
Knowledge without love. 8:3
Be Gospel Driven: Gal 3:11-14.
Admit, Believe, Confess

Concerning Idols
Empty; 8:4-5
God really really hates idols Lev. 19:4, 26:30.
Idols prove how evil we really are. Isaiah 43:9-22

Christians know God creates it all. 8:6
Young Christians still struggle with superstition. 8:7-8

It’s not abut you smarty-pants, it’s about the other Christians.

All sin is against God. 8:12-13.

A prayer of David: Psa 51:1-5. 

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