1 John 1; Jesus Is God

July 28, 2012

Who wrote it?:  The Apostle John

To Whom:  Gentle Christians

When: Around 82-90 AD.

It’s always about Jesus Christ!  Always!

The Logos of Zoe!   1 John 1:1

John writes Jesus is God!     The Logos: With God and Was God,

All things were made.  The light of men.  The Word became flesh.  Gospel of John 1:1-14.

By God’s Word the Heaven’s existed.  2 Peter 3:5,

The Sword of the Lord;  God’s Word.  Eph. 6:17.

The Life!   Eternal Life.    1 john 1:2.   The  Way, Truth & Life  John 14:6.

Christ Alone

Anything But Christ:  Cults.   

Christ + _______  religion. 

The Heart’s Passion of the Church:   Proclaim the Truth, Fellowship, Joy!  1 John 1:3.-4. 

God is Light no darkness :   1 John 1:5.  

Root > Fruit:   1 John 1:6-7.   not “works > self-righteousness” 

No Change,  No Change.   

New Creation > New  Actions:   2 Cr. 5;17-21.  

Not Counting Men’s Sins Against them.  2 Cor. 5:19.  That’s the goal ! 

Imputation:   2 Cr. 5:21.   A Legal Transaction.

A Prerequisite for Heaven is you MUST be a sinner.  1 John. 1:8-10.  

“Not perfect but not bad: is not repenting”. 

If you reject Jesus there is no more sacrifice for sin.   Hbr. 10:26-30. 

Turn and Trust Your life to Jesus Christ continually. 

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