1 Peter 3, Part 2; Harmony & Victory

March 31, 2012

Where did Jesus go when He died on the Cross?  1 Peter 3:19-20.

3 major views.

1. Went to hell to preach to spirits of people who died from the flood.

2. Proclaimed Victory throughout the spiritual realm.

3. “Preached” in a sense through Noah prior to the flood.

I Prefer option 2.

1. Jesus is one in essence with the Godhead.  He is omnipresent.

2. Sheol/Hades & Hell.   Sheol/Hades;  two separated parts,  Paradise & Punishment = hell.

3. The word is Proclaim, not preach.  A victory has been herald!

What about 1 Peter 4:5 (before they died) and Ephs 4:8-9?  (Lower parts of the earth means earth = ground zero).

Stay Tuned for Next Week! Did Peter say Baptism Saves You?

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