2 Peter 2: What’s The Big Idea?

July 14, 2012

This week I am keeping the entire sermon together.  48 whooping minutes of God Talk!

A warning of false teachers.

Life, death and freedom hinge on what you believe.

Governments, politics, wars, religions are all ideas.

A godless society is blood thirsty society.

Double Standard: Evil is allowed to lie.

That is why Mormonism can say they follow Jesus Christ.

Book of Judges:  17:6, 2:10-11.

God has commanded us to Love Him.  Exd. 20:1-3, 31:13.  Romans 12:1-2.

False Teacher’s among us: 2:4-6,

God punishes sin by killing unrepentant people and sending them to hell.

Heart check:  Why does that bother you?

God rescues people on an individual basis.  2 Peter 2:7-9

A description of false teacher’s motives:  2 Peter 2:10-15.

What’s the deal with Balaam?  A real prophet with serious issues. Num. 24:1, 2 Peter 2:16.

Empty promises from false teachers:   2 Peter 17-19.

Uh oh, can we loose our salvation?   2 Peter 2:20.

No:   It’s guaranteed:  2 Cor, 1:22, 5:5, Eph.  1:14.

We are NEW CREATIONS:  2 Cr. 5:17-19.

False Teachers are not new creations.  No Change, No Change!

John 2:18-20,   2 Peter 2:21-22.  Always a dog, always a sow.

Call to action:   Love God with all  your heart! 5 disciplines.

Train your children to do the same.

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