God is Holy

December 8, 2012


Before Grace, Mercy.

Before Mercy, Justice.

Before Justice, Holiness.

What is holy?  100% Pure Good, Absolute Good, Righteous, Just

God is Holy  Gen. 2:3, Exd. 3:5, 1Sam, 2:1:2,  Exd, 26:33, Matt, 27:50-51,   Isa 6:1-5,   Rev. 4:8-11.

Our problem with Holiness.

It kills us.   Lev. 9:22-10:11,  2 Sam,

The Flood, Conquest of the Holy Land, Judges, The CROSS!

Holiness Exposes Us as we truly are;  evil.

Joshua 7:19-26,

God is God and we are not.     Romans 9:14-24.

Holiness confuses us.  John 1:1-12.

Holiness Scares us.  Gen3:7-10,  Luke 5:8.

The Holiness of Communion.  1 Cr. 11:23-31.

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