God Said; Use It

June 10, 2013

Recap:  God’s Word,  “information everywhere”

One True Source: What would be the evidence?

God’s Word is THE TRUTH.

Now it’s time to use it.


1. Know it

2. Let it Change You

3. Share it.

Know it: 2 Peter 1:5-10,   Value It: Matt 13:44-46,

How much is the knowledge of the Bible worth to you?

Value it:  Psa 119:72,73, 75-77.

Let it change you: Psa. 19:7-14.   1 Peter 1:13-19.

James 1:22-25.  How about those 5 disciplines on the side of this bulletin?

Share It: 2 Cr. 4:5-7.

Your opinion doesn’t matter

My opinion doesn’t matter

What does the Bible say?

The Words of the Bible are effective, not you.  Heb. 4:12

Let God do the heavy lifting:  Isa 55:11.

Use of God’s Word will increase your confidence in God’s Word.

Mind Markers:   recalling a word.   Let’s Pracice!

Tip:  Slow down the conversation.

Fulfill Your Ministry: 2 Tim 4;1-5. Logo

God Said Use It

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