James Symptoms of True Faith

January 28, 2012

True Worship of God James Chapter 2

Two Big Ideas:  Don’t Show Partiality & Show Faith by Works

1. True Worship Does not show partiality  1-13.

Kissing Up to success is pathetic 1-3

Reasons not to Kiss UP 4-13

Exposes your evil

God Chose the poor to be rich in Faith.

Pro. 22:2, 28:6, Ecc 4:13, Mat 6:21.

The rich are oppressing you.

Break the law of Kissing Up makes you guilty of breaking all of  God’s Law.

2. True Worship of God Show Faith Through Works. 14-26

Dead Faith cannot save you. 14-19.   Ephs. 2:1-2, Rom. 4:5, Eph 2:8-9.

Closer look at James 2:24.   Justified by works.   Work   proves Faith.  No Works = No Faith = No Salvation

It’s a Work of God, through the Holy Spirit!

Made Alive!  Col. 2:13, Gal 5:22-23, John 6:65, John 3:5-8,  1 John 4:19.

The Symptoms of Genuine Faith IS WORKS!

Faith without works is Dead.  20-26 Abraham & Rahab?

Jesus says “You will know them by their FRUIT.” Mat 7:15-20. Matt 7:24,

Evidence of Live Faith.  2 Peter 1:3-11.

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