Judges 16; God’s Little Trouble Maker

April 15, 2013

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God’s Will VS Samson’s Will.

Judges 13:24-15.   The Spirit of the LORD began to stir him.

Judges 14:4.   from the LORD, who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines.

Knowing God’s Will.   Three distinctions.

1. Sovereign decretive will, the will by which God brings to pass whatsoever He decrees. This is hidden to us until it happens.  “Mysterious ways”    Ruth, Ester  “GCC”

2. Preceptive will is God's revealed law or commandments, which we lack the power to obey nor the right to break.   10 Commandments:   Don’t Do’s and Do dos.

3. Will of disposition describes God's attitude or disposition. It reveals what is pleasing to Him.

Samson the Nazarite, next act . . .  16:1.

Philistines try to catch him.  16:2-3.

Samson’s next act.   A philistine woman named Delilah.

Delilah’s true feelings for Samson.   16:5  money!

Goal: seduce Samson to share his strength secret. 1st try. 16:6-9.

2nd Try. 16:10-12,  3rd try, 16:13-14.

Fourth attempt and success:  16:15-20.

Samson’s imprisonment.   16:21-22.  Philistine’s god worshiped. 23-27.

Samson’s prayer of faith?  16:28-30,  Samson’s end 30-31.

God’s initiative despite Us.   Romans 5:8-11 & 1 John 4.

Judges 16 God's Little Troubl...

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