Judges 17 & 18; In Their Own Eyes.

April 20, 2013

Start with the Law. No images! 20:3-5.

Family Theft:   17:1-2.

Graven images 3-5.

Time stamp & spiritual condition . 6-8

A lil about Levites!  A tribe set aside to serve God. Num 3:12.

No land, no battles.

A Levite looking for work & find it! 17:7-13.

Chapter 18:   Time stamp.

Dan has not claimed land yet sends out spies.  Happens apon levite priest.18:1-6.

Spies report and army sets out.  18:13-19.

Levite gets a promotion.  20-21.

Might makes right;  22-26.

Dan gets land and establishes idolatrous religion.   27-31.

Recipe for Homemade religions:

1. major lack of Bible knowledge.

2. TV;  all forms of  spiritual lies.  TV prosperity preachers, new age, History & pseudo science shows, News media.

3. A dash of family superstition;

Truth is binary:  It’s either TRUE or False.

Reprogram the lies you believe with God’s Truths.  It’s a process.

Jesus Christ is God.

Romans 12:2,  Philippines 4:8,  I John 2:22-23,  John 6:51, John 8:23,  John 8:12, John 8:53, John 10:9, John 10:11, John 10:36, John 11:25, 14:6, 15:1, 19:2, Acts 9:5.

Romans 8:1-2;   THEREFORE!!! there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,

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Judges 17 & 18

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