Judges Chapter 1; Unfinished Business

January 19, 2013

Judges—Unfinished Business

A. The Condition of Israel Under the Judges - 1:1 - 3:6

1. Israel's Failure to Drive Out All the Inhabitants - 1:1 - 2:5 Setting the stage 2. Summary of Israel Under the Judges - 2:6 - 3:6

B. The Judges of Israel - 3:7 - 16:31

C. Events Demonstrating the Sinfulness of Israel - chapters 17 - 21

The Conquest Continues:  Judges 1:1-4.

The Priesthood and Ark are with Israel.

Judah rocks the house:  Judges 1:5-15.

Othniel claims a victory at Kiriath Sepher.

1st failure of Judah;  18-19.

Who is Caleb?    Number 13, 14.   Special Opts. Of the tribe of Judah.

Flashback! Spying out the promise Land. Numbers 13-14.

Spies report:  2 say, “let’s Go”.  The others say “NO”.   Num.13:25-31.

Pseudo Righteous Coup: 13:32-33 leds to open Rebellion Num. 14:1-38.

Caleb & Joshua only survivors of God’s Wrath.  Num. 14:38.

Back to Judges!  Chapter 2:1-5.

Sometimes “Good Enough” is not Good Enough.

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