Proverbs 6; Sin That So Easily Entangles

March 8, 2014


Don’t make a promise. Pro 6:1-5, James 5:12, Matt 5:34-37.

Work Ethic: Pro 6:6-11, 2 Th. 3:6-12

Your Value if you hate God. = -0. Pro. 6:12-15.

Commands & Teaching Protect You. Pro. 20-22.

God is Our Father. Isa 6:8-9, Mat 6:9, and a lot more.. . .

The Way of Life: Pro. 6:23

Fornication: Any physical intimacy outside of marriage between one man and women.
Proverbs 6:24-29,
A thief is consider to have more honor than an adulterer. Pro. 6:30-31.

Adultery is a capital offense. Lev. 21:10.
How to destroy yourself. Pro 6:32-35.

What about the adulteress brought to Jesus? John 8:3-10.

Jesus said it’s the heart that matters. Matt. 5:27-28. 

Wisdom Proverbs 6

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The Perfect Gospel! John 8:11.    

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