Syllabus Sunday Part 1

August 17, 2013

Discipleship; The Five Disciplines 

The Great Command! Matt 22: 36-38. 
The Great Commission! Matt 28:19-20.


1. All of the above
a. Bible Study: Goal: daily 30 minute QT w/ God.
b. Worship: Goal: Bring glory to God in every situation & Every Sunday.
c. Fellowship Goal: Show up at 10am for Fellowship.
d. Ministry Goal: A regular service for the local team (church).
e. Evangelism Goal: Share your highlights. 

2. A life commitment, not a religion
A response of love to God for the Love He has shown you.

Discipleship Life Commitment.
1. Inductive Bible Study: Romans 12:1-3
a. Take & Make the TIME.
b. No Excuse: Go deeper.
c. How to do an inductive Bible Study.

2. Fellowship Make it a Habit. Hebrews 10:24-25
a. Never Miss a Sunday Service.
b. Who needs encouragement?
c. Schedule times to hang out.

3. Evangelism; Who do you know? Romans 10:13-17
a. Create your system;
i. Looking for the Holy Spirit
b. Speaking the Gospel
c. Tell them what they need to do.

4. Ministry for Jesus.  Mat 16:24 ESV - Then Jesus told his disciples, 
"If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.
a. Why you do a ministry; God commands it. You love God, because to not to is to sin.
b. You Are Responsible; The buck stops with you.
i. Nobody says anything until I missed a week
ii. It’s more work than I thought
c. Criticism from Christians
d. Help, I’m stuck with this ministry and nobody wants to help!

5. Disciple Somebody; I don’t know what to teach them?
a. Teach the Five disciplines to your new disciple
b. Make sure they have a good Bible
c. Hold their hand, step by step; Accountability
d. Help them develop the habit of going to church.

6. Worship; Romans 12:1 Living Sacrifice, (If it is scary, you must be doing it right)
a. Never Miss a Sunday Service.
b. Celebrating God in the good times
c. Celebrating God in the bad times
d. Celebrating God all the time. Why; The Gospel!

Syllabus Sunday!

Syllabus Sunday!

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