The Progressive Nine Commandments

February 11, 2017

Everybody lives by a moral code.

  • It is very important you know where you are getting your moral code.
  • Do you get your moral code from TV, Celebrities and Facebook?
  • What if you moral code is in conflict with God’s moral code?
  • Does your moral code collide with the oldest moral code in recorded human history?
  • Does your moral code consist of three-syllable words that were never used ten years ago?


The Progressive Nine Commandments

First Commandment: Truth is Yours To Decide (Be your own god)

Thou Shalt Not Be A . . . .

Bigot (Disapproval of a lifestyle in opposition to God’s Moral Code)

Racist (Disapproval to give special entitlements to select groups of the One Human Race)

Misogynist (Disapproval of infanticide; murdering children inside their mother’s womb)

Homophobe (Disapproval of sodomy)

Sexist (Disapproval of gender bending)

Xenophobe (Disapproval of illegal entry into our country)

Intolerant (Unwilling to Approve & Endorse the breaking God’s Ten Commandments)

Islamophobia (Disapproval of any religious group that wants to convert you or kill you)


Progressive 9 Commandments

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