Will of God, Old Testament Laws

September 22, 2012

Why don’t Christians follow the Old Testament Laws?

3 Distinctions in the Will of God.

1. Sovereign Will,  2. Preceptive Will,  3.  Dispositional Will

Preceptive Will:  The Old Testament Law!

1. Ceremonial, :  The sacrifices and offerings Leviticus 1

2. Civil, : What it looks like to love your neighbor & aliens; Deut, 22.

3. Moral.  : The Ten Commandments. Exd, 20.

What about food laws?  Civil/Ceremonial  Deu 14:6-8.

Jesus declared all food clean.  Mark 7:18-23

Declared good in Romans  14:20-21

What about ceremonial laws?  The break took place in the pages of the New Testament, with Peter, Paul and God.

Point of contention: Should gentile believers follow all the Jewish laws?

Start with uber-Jew Paul & his credentials Phil.  3:2-9,

Peter Endorsed Paul’s Ministry to the Gentiles.  Gal. 2:9,10.

Peter states Paul is Deep!  2 Peter 3;15-16.

Peter commanded to preach to Gentiles. Acts 10

Peter & Paul go toe to toe!  Gal. 2:9-21.

Paul drops the hammer on the law.   Gal. 5:1-7.

The Purpose of the O.T. Law:    To help us see we are evil and need a savior.

Romans 3:19-24.

Live in the Freedom of Christ and Obey His Commands!

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