Will of God, The One True Source; The Bible

September 29, 2012

Why all the different religions and denominations if there is one true source?

God’s Word is designed to divide.

Matt: 10:34-39.

Separation & Filtration, ie;  sanctification.

1. Separates the World & The Church

2. Filtrates The Church & The Church

1. Separates the World & The Church:

John 1:1-13.  darkness has not understood the light, Nor recognized, nor receive the light.

Parables glean the harvest, sheep & goats.    Matt 13:10-17.

Sheep hear Jesus.  John 10:24-30.  Sheep respond with pursuit. John 6:63-71.

Thrice & Dice:   My opinion, Your opinion, God’s Word.

2. The Church & The Church:

Not an issue of salvation, but of sanctification.

What about all the different Christian Denominations?     Two Major Camps.

Jesus Christ Alone VS Jesus Christ Plus. . . . .      Both can’t be right.

Evil is NOT an ABILITY.   Ephs 2:1-10.

Light & Heat;  Melts Ice BUT Hardens clay

Isaiah Calls Israel to repent.   Isa 1:1-20.

God’s Word transforms the sheep.   Romans 12:1-3,   2 Peter 1:3-8,  1Cr. 2:12-16.

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