Judges 19 & 20, Sins to Civil War

Judges 19 & 20, Sins to Civil War

April 27, 2013

A Levite & His concubine:  19:1-13

Gibeah A town of Benjamin:  19:14-21.

An event just like Sodom & Gomorrah:  19:22-28.

News Media:  Old style.   19:29-30

Israel’s Tribes Gather.  20:1-5.

Israel’s council, lacking a few details.  20:6-8.

Council response:   20:9-13.   Benjamin unites against Israel, Civil War!

Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.  Judges 17:6

The religion of Subjectivism.

Flashback Joshua 24:14-26.   Warning, Commitment, Covenant.

The Antichrist religion of subjectivism.

Core tenants.

1. no such thing as absolute truth.

2. It’s wrong to judge someone’s morality unless. . . . . . . . (?)

Wikipedia’s definition;  “our own mental activity is the only unquestionable fact of our experience”

Primary enemy of this religion;  Biblical Christianity.

Judges demonstrates subjectivism is evil.

Reject God’s Moral Commands and Laws.  Romans 1:18-23

God’s first Judgment of you is to let you go. Romans 1:24, 26, 28

When we are left to our own devices. Everyone suffers in life, dies a horrible, meaningless death & is cast into hell. Romans 1:25, 27-28, 29-32

A Righteousness from God!   Rom 3:21-25.

See God’s Love!  1 John 3:1-3.  God Glorious Riches!   Ephs 3:16-21 Logo

Judges 19 and 20

Judges 17 & 18; In Their Own Eyes.

Judges 17 & 18; In Their Own Eyes.

April 20, 2013

Start with the Law. No images! 20:3-5.

Family Theft:   17:1-2.

Graven images 3-5.

Time stamp & spiritual condition . 6-8

A lil about Levites!  A tribe set aside to serve God. Num 3:12.

No land, no battles.

A Levite looking for work & find it! 17:7-13.

Chapter 18:   Time stamp.

Dan has not claimed land yet sends out spies.  Happens apon levite priest.18:1-6.

Spies report and army sets out.  18:13-19.

Levite gets a promotion.  20-21.

Might makes right;  22-26.

Dan gets land and establishes idolatrous religion.   27-31.

Recipe for Homemade religions:

1. major lack of Bible knowledge.

2. TV;  all forms of  spiritual lies.  TV prosperity preachers, new age, History & pseudo science shows, News media.

3. A dash of family superstition;

Truth is binary:  It’s either TRUE or False.

Reprogram the lies you believe with God’s Truths.  It’s a process.

Jesus Christ is God.

Romans 12:2,  Philippines 4:8,  I John 2:22-23,  John 6:51, John 8:23,  John 8:12, John 8:53, John 10:9, John 10:11, John 10:36, John 11:25, 14:6, 15:1, 19:2, Acts 9:5.

Romans 8:1-2;   THEREFORE!!! there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,

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Judges 17 & 18

Judges 16; God’s Little Trouble Maker

Judges 16; God’s Little Trouble Maker

April 15, 2013

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God’s Will VS Samson’s Will.

Judges 13:24-15.   The Spirit of the LORD began to stir him.

Judges 14:4.   from the LORD, who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines.

Knowing God’s Will.   Three distinctions.

1. Sovereign decretive will, the will by which God brings to pass whatsoever He decrees. This is hidden to us until it happens.  “Mysterious ways”    Ruth, Ester  “GCC”

2. Preceptive will is God's revealed law or commandments, which we lack the power to obey nor the right to break.   10 Commandments:   Don’t Do’s and Do dos.

3. Will of disposition describes God's attitude or disposition. It reveals what is pleasing to Him.

Samson the Nazarite, next act . . .  16:1.

Philistines try to catch him.  16:2-3.

Samson’s next act.   A philistine woman named Delilah.

Delilah’s true feelings for Samson.   16:5  money!

Goal: seduce Samson to share his strength secret. 1st try. 16:6-9.

2nd Try. 16:10-12,  3rd try, 16:13-14.

Fourth attempt and success:  16:15-20.

Samson’s imprisonment.   16:21-22.  Philistine’s god worshiped. 23-27.

Samson’s prayer of faith?  16:28-30,  Samson’s end 30-31.

God’s initiative despite Us.   Romans 5:8-11 & 1 John 4.

Judges 16 God's Little Troubl...

Suffering Servant & KING of Kings

Suffering Servant & KING of Kings

April 6, 2013

The Mystery of True godliness:  1 Tim 3:16

Now will you restore the Kingdom?: Acts 1:1-6.  What Kingdom?

Kingdom: Isa 9:6-7,  Son of Man:  Dan. 7:13-14,

It’s not for us to know the return Kingdom, Get to work!  Acts 1:7-11.

Flash Back:  Jesus’ sermon:  Luke 5:14-21.

Jesus stopped before the following verse.  Isa 61:1-2.

Suffering Servant:   Isa 42:1-4,  Isa 53:1-12,

King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

Rev. 19:11-16,   Rev.  17: 14.

A Glorious Kingdom:   Rev. 21:1-7.

Be Eager to Serve The King Whom Saved You.  Titus: 2:11-14. Logo


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